Mechanical Arm Tea Disaster Simulator Ampu-Tea now on Brass Monkey

This week’s release is something really exciting – from the good people at Sparkling Games – the mechanical arm tea-making simulator Ampu-Tea.

For those of you who have played Surgeon Simulator and are tired of the stress, this is a perfect opportunity to kick back after a hard day of accidentally botching surgeries and rage quitting, and try to make yourself a cup of tea and… also possibly rage quit. Ampu-Tea is not an easy game, and you’ll no doubt find yourself dropping teacups, spilling milk and knocking over hot water dispensers left and right before you finally manage to assemble a cup of tea.

Ampu-tea has a lot of really excellent “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube as well- though fair warning, most are pretty severely NSFW. If anyone out there feels like posting one using Brass Monkey’s controller let us know and we’ll link to it. Also, the Brass Monkey version allows two player co-op, if you’d like to share your tea making ordeal with a friend.

Ampu-Tea is available for 10k brass coins (about $1)- and we’ll send a promo-code for a free version for you and a friend to the first 10 people to comment.


Brass Monkey® is video game console that uses smartphones as controllers and any screen with a web browser as the main display. Play or build multiplayer, Wii style games without buying any new hardware. Check it out!

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64 Responses to Mechanical Arm Tea Disaster Simulator Ampu-Tea now on Brass Monkey

  1. Plaminor says:

    <3 keem

  2. zach says:

    sweet game. would love to play it

  3. Nick Kujda says:

    I love you keem.

  4. Einar Lilleengen says:

    I wantz one.

  5. Russian sniper says:


  6. James says:

    I want ampu-tea

  7. Chipdiggity says:

    I want to play ampu tea…looks like so much fun

  8. Jpodc says:


  9. Miles says:

    First ten good game!

    (Twitter is imkobeh)

  10. Aaron says:

    I would love to play this game. Looks sick!

  11. Luke says:


  12. Dylan says:

    1st comment? Ampu-tea looks so sick!

  13. Dylan says:

    1st comment? Ampu-tea looks so sick!

  14. Zach says:


  15. curtis myers says:


  16. shane says:

    Keemstar is awesome

  17. Arron says:

    I want it

  18. joel McLeod says:

    Antiperspirant causes retards.

  19. Axel says:

    Awesome game!

  20. Aaron Trueman says:

    Seems great!

  21. martin says:

    i want to play this game

  22. Nick says:

    Game looks amazing! Can’t wait to play it!

  23. dj parris says:


  24. Patrick says:

    <3 MUCH LOVE
    (free copy)?

  25. Braden Smith says:


  26. Albert Beda says:

    Looks Awesome

  27. Kevin morales says:


  28. Lean says:

    this game seems like it would be pretty interesting

  29. deondre says:

    free copy please

  30. tim williams says:

    Really Good Game!

  31. ian huebner says:

    Keemstar Rules!

  32. Zurree says:


  33. deondre says:

    am i one of the first 10 people for the free copy. sry for the second replay

  34. Trevor says:

    Amazing game fun

  35. Don says:

    This looks fun!

  36. Chris says:

    This game is so sick!

  37. Elliot says:

    Actually never mind :P

  38. Brendan Walsh says:

    Comment Keemstar!

  39. Jazz McNeil says:

    Hey Keem, Great game

  40. Jack says:

    Free game of amputee

  41. Dollar says:

    Game is super awesome

  42. TheOrangeSlipper says:


  43. nathan sev says:

    This looks fucking awesome , want to see more of this

  44. Malcolm says:

    Looks great

  45. Nestor Galarza says:

    Great game I might get it soon

  46. Christian says:

    This game looks awesome, and hilarious!

  47. Thorbjørn says:


  48. jdoasoihqslaijfljjalksdjasldjlsajkdajdlandamdslpammmmminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  49. Its me DOomMaxChineGun so wha tthe hecck i cant downloa this

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