Kiwi Catapult Revenge Update 3: Story Time

Kiwi Catapult Revenge is a game in development by Brass Monkey and our sister company Infrared 5 as part of Intel’s Ultimate Coder Challenge. The game uses Brass Monkey’s SDK and some super sweet perceptual computing software to allow players to control the game with their smartphones and with their facial motions. We post updates on the development every week on Thursdays- Infrared 5 also posts updates on their blog on Mondays.

This week we’ll be sharing the tale of our protagonist Karl the Kiwi, so gather around the monitor as you may remember doing in your childhood, grab a mug of your favorite hot drink and maybe a favorite stuffed animal and enjoy.

The tale begins one day when a young kiwi bird named Karl went out foraging in a lovely pasture for grubs with his family. Karl was nice and relaxed, enjoying the bright New Zealand sun beaming down on his back. Life was good for Karl, or so he thought.

But just as Karl was about to bite into a tasty little grub he was startled by a domestic cat pouncing down on his little group! Little Karl quickly realized that cats had surrounded them!

The flightless birds all began to run as fast as they could. But Karl’s sister and his mother were quickly knocked down by the cats, and he could tell that things were not going to go well at all. Karl took one last stride away from the cats, and then felt the sharp claws of a cat come down on his back… then everything went dark.

Little Karl awoke sometime later in a dark cave with a bright light coming from somewhere. He couldn’t tell where. He looked around but couldn’t tell where he was.

“Am I dead?” asked Karl, out loud to himself.

“Take it easy young one!” said an unseen voice, as a larger and older kiwi dressed in robes came out of the darkness to Karl’s side. “You’ve had quite a trying experience my little friend.”

“I don’t understand. Where am I?” asked Karl, clearly disoriented.

“You are in the great caves of Kiwi Ancestors of Old! I am Kraig Kandolf. I was flying above the grasses when I heard your cries and swooped down and saved you. Unfortunately your family wasn’t as fortunate.” Said the sage-bird.

“What do you mean you swooped down? Kiwis don’t fly!” squeaked the perplexed little Karl! “and what do you mean by ‘not so fortunate’!?! is my mother okay? and what about my sister? I want to see them now!”

“I’m sorry to say that they didn’t make it. The cats were too powerful and they dragged off your sister and mother. I fear that you may never see them again. As far as flying, there is much you don’t know. Kiwis are extraordinary birds, yet most of us don’t ever learn what we are really capable of” said the old bird.

Karl sniffled and a little tear runs down his cheek. “What do you mean by extraordinary? We are just dumb flightless birds that are constantly threatened by cats. We are slow, small and completely worthless!”

“Kiwis are one of the greatest birds on earth. We are descendants of dragons of old, and are capable of much more than nesting on the ground and foraging for grubs. If properly trained even you, my little one, can fly and do amazing things,” said the sage bird.

“Amazing things like what? I don’t believe you! This is so stupid. Flying kiwis, please! I need to go find my sister and mother. I need to go. Your ridiculous made up stories aren’t going to help me find them old man.” Karl started walking towards the light in the cave. Hopefully this was the way out, he thought to himself.

As Karl made his first stride towards the exit, the cave started to brighten with a beautiful orange glow. It grew extremely hot on his hind feathers too. Karl spun around to see what was happening. He could hardly believe it! Old Kandolf was billowing flames out of his pointy beak, and his beady eyes were glowing an amazing bright red color. Kandolf then shot a red beam from his eyes right onto the stone wall in front of him scorching it with a dark black soot.

“Stay here young one, and I will teach you these ways. You can help us to overcome the evil cats, and take back our lands from these creatures. You will be able to fly and throw flames from your beak. Learn the ways of the dragon my son. Then you can avenge your family”.

… to be continued

Brass Monkey® is video game console that uses smartphones as controllers and any screen with a web browser as the main display. Play or build multiplayer, Wii style games without buying any new hardware. Check it out!

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  1. Tony says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest..

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