(No Actual Dinosaurs Were Harmed in the) New Release: BC Bow Contest

This week’s release is “BC Bow Contest” from our good friends at Nitrome and it’s exactly what the name says. Players compete as caveman archers taking aim and firing at targets on rocks, trees, turtles and all kinds of other prehistoric objects trying to rack up the most points. BC Bow Contest uses an intuitive tilt/accelerometer and a simple ‘pull and release’ control scheme to affect both the angle and the power of each shot.

BC Bow Contest has both single and 2-player modes in which players compete in a variety of different archery ranges full of various different kinds of targets and obstacles separated into different ‘cups’ and difficulty levels. In single player mode you’ll take on a variety of different opponents, including our personal favorite “Missing Link”, the confused tool using… or at least tool attempting, Monkey. Beat these opponents and earn high scores to unlock different arrow types which can be used to mess with later opponents, and different playable characters.

Fans of Angry Birds will find the controls fairly similar, but they should be easy for everyone to understand. It’s a great game to practice alone, but once you’ve unlocked some content you should really give it a try against a friend. It costs 10,000 coins to unlock ($0.99). And we’re giving away a hundred free half hour unlocks to the first 100 or so people to redeem the code “bcbow” at playbrassmonkey.com/promos

And we’ll give out bigger codes to the first 5 users to redeem the code “bcbow5k”

And, as always, tell us what you think in the comments below.


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  1. loster111 says:

    wow realy 25k coins. tnx very much :)

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