A Boatload of New Games From Nitrome:

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile. But we’ve been busy! Today marks FIVE new Nitrome games launching on playbrassmonkey.com as well as updates to 4 others and Double Edged is now FREE – all from our good friends at Nitrome. Want to just SEE them all and skip the post? We understand. CLICK HERE.

(We’ve used Nitrome’s promo video, because it’s awesome)

The Test Subject Series

(4 games in all) represents hours upon hours of gameplay. In Test Subject Blue you begin as a simple goo-creature named “Blue”, who must find his way to a food pill in a series of puzzling lab experiments. In the sequel, Test Subject Green, Blue’s life only gets harder when he is stolen from the lab and forced by a rival scientist to take on even more lethal challenges. The saga culminates in Test Subject Complete, where Blue must put his puzzle solving abilities to the test to escape from the lab altogether!

Tired of Puzzles? Fight!

All of these are tied together nicely by “Test Subject Arena”, a multiplayer version of Test Subject where characters from the main game can slug it out in one of several microscopic arenas.

These games draw in virtually any physics/platformer mechanic you can imagine. Gravity manipulation, switch puzzles, teleporters, bullet ricochet puzzles and good old platforming, just to name a few- and players are rewarded for their progression by a story which unfolds in the background as scientists scurry around and black clad soldiers abduct, conduct new experiments and look in on your progress.

Colour Blind:

Another puzzle platformer that’s a lot more focused on thinking your way through puzzles. In Colour Blind you control a right eye who has to rescue his girlfriend, a left eye. To do this, you must travel through a landscape that begins as black and white and reveals new details (and dangers) as you collect various different colors- causing them to become visible to you and allowing them to affect you- whether it’s a red platform that you can suddenly jump to… or the spikes beneath it which you can now become impaled upon.

Double Edged:

What else do you need to know? The most popular Nitrome game on Brass Monkey is now free to anyone. Go it alone or with up to 4 total players and battle through wave after wave of greek warriors and monsters of myths. Choose from a variety of different weapons including swords, daggers, clubs, boulders, chickens and pigs.


Those of you who follow our development news know that Brass Monkey launched a new d-pad a little while ago. Nitrome has been hard at work retrofitting their d-pad games to use it. Double Edged is one way to check it out, but now might also be a good time to take a look at Twin Shot 2, Bad Ice Cream 1, and Bad Ice Cream 2- all of which have incredibly slick controls. Prepare to look down at your hands less!


Brass Monkey® is video game console that uses smartphones as controllers and any screen with a web browser as the main display. Play or build multiplayer, Wii style games without buying any new hardware. Check it out!

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