Flash / Stage 3D SDK

Documentation and examples.

Welcome to the Brass Monkey Flash SDK.


Download the Flash public beta 2 package. Includes asdocs, binary.swc, awayphysics car demo, text input demo, control art demos, dance monkey and boot camp pdf+fla. Also includes dynamic control documentation and art examples.

Download the SDK/Examples. Get the Source (Github).

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All example projects are in the examples/ directory. Here we give a brief overview of each example and list accompanying tutorials.

To run examples import them into a Flash Builder workspace. Right-Click the demo of choice and choose to 'debug' or 'run' as a 'Web Application'. Debugging will require the flash player debugger runtime, available in the adobe.com player downloads page. Also make sure to import the 'SharedResources' project that contains many libraries needed, including the Brass Monkey SWC file.


Boot Camp explains some basic concepts about brass monkey. How it uses the flash eventing system and client-handlers. 20 minutes is the expected time for developers who are using an API for the first time. Just like working with FMS or any other asynchronous service for the first time, there are a few basic things to go over. The two tutorials are 1)a simple gravity controlled drawing application and 2)a monkey animation that dances with your device's position(its creepy).

Read: Brass Monkey In 20 Minutes

Dynamic Controls

From the most benign control designs that use the API in the minimalist way, to extreme control pad manipulation that rely on very few in-built methods by handling the serialized portable network graphics directly.

Read: Dynamic Controls

Image Sample Modes

Graphics may be scaled to fit different screen sizes. There are two ways to designate how they are interpolated. This demo sets up a dramatically scaled button and allows you to toggle the image stretch/resampling mode by pressing it.

Read: Image Sample Modes

Button Hit Rects

This example shows how to setup a button that has hit area that is separate or expanded from it's visual location.

Read: Button Hit Rect


This example shows how to create a dpad using similar techniques to the Button Hit Rects demo.

Read: DPad

Trial Mode

This example shows how games can be setup to allow non paying players to have limited access to their games. Typically you'd limit the features they get access to and use this to up sell them to a full paid version.

Dynamic Menus

This demonstrates how the pause menu items can by programmatically added, edited, and removed. As well it shows how items can have icons specified and respond to user actions.

Away 3d Physics

Basic driving game using the Away3d rendering/physics engine.